The Building Process

The building process is complicated with many regulations, building and council requirements to consider. This page contains information to assist you to better understand the building process and what to consider when purchasing a design from MyPropHub.



Getting Started


Design Pricing

MyPropHub has established set pricing to ensure clear and consistent offerings for its customers. Designs are priced per m2 and include a standard working drawing set.


Property Design Simplified.

MyPropHub simplifies the building design process, reduce time and costs for designers, owners, investors, and builders, whilst maintaining a high standard of quality and precision.

Modify any design to build how you want, with anyone you want.


Q. Do I need to be a registered and licensed to sell on MyPropHub?

Yes. Designers on MyPropHub must hold a current license and insurance policy and be relevantly registered as an Architect, Building Designer or Draftsperson. Designers will be asked to provide license, qualifications, and insurance details when setting up an account.

Q. How much can I sell my designs for?

MyPropHub offers fixed pricing for all designs, modifications and additional drawing services.

View full pricing and subscription details.

Q. What does it cost to sell on MyPropHub?

MyPropHub is free to join and start selling, with commission paid to MyPropHub for each design sold.

A range of monthly subscription packages can reduce the commission rate payable to MyPropHub and offer additional upgrades, design limits and priority listings. 

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Q. What drawing sheets are required when I sell a design?

The standard design prices listed on MyPropHub are for working drawings only. A working drawing set includes the following sheets of documentation:

•    Floor plan/s
•    External elevations
•    Sections x 2
•    Roof plan
•    Door & Window schedule

View examples of our standard working drawings set.

Designs listed on MyPropHub are not council or construction approved, you will be required to add a site plan to your cart when processing payment and provide a site survey which can be obtained from a licensed Surveyor at the buyers expense.

Additional drawing services include:

  • Site plan (Survey to be provided by the buyer in pdf and dwg format, (additional fees apply)
  • Cad files of site, floor, and roof plans. (For engineering purposes only)
  • Electrical and lighting plans 
  • Mirror design
  • Shadow and sun diagrams 
  • Additional building sections 
  • Slab layout plan 
  • Reflected ceiling plans

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Q. Who owns the copyright to the designs?

The Designer owns the copyright & Intellectual Property for their design and all variations of the design.

Buyers will only be purchasing the rights to the design for a single building use. Buyers will be subject to international copyright laws if they copy, modify, or use a design without written permission from the designer.

Q. Can designs be modified?

Yes, all designs on MyPropHub can be modified to suit your requirements for an agreed upfront price.

Simply choose your design and follow the modify design steps to generate a brief for your designer, who will then confirm an agreed price prior to commencing work, based on the number of hours it will take to complete the modifications.

View more information on the design modification process and pricing.

Q. Are designs council approved?

No. Designs listed on MyPropHub are not council or construction approved.

Prior to the buyer submitting any council or building applications using designs purchased on MyPropHub, the buyer will be required to provide a site survey for the designer on MyPropHub to produce a site plan for the project.

A site survey can be obtained from a licensed Surveyor. Add a site plan to any design purchase in the check out process and upload a site survey on MyPropHub, and the designer will produce a site plan for your project.

MyPropHub can connect you with qualified Surveyors, Builders and Structural Engineers, simply select the option when purchasing a design.

Please refer to the pre-build check which provides information, tools and resources to assist you to use designs purchased on MyPropHub for your construction project.



Check that the design you have chosen on MyPropHub, has been completed by an Architect, Building Designer or Draftsperson licensed to produce drawings in your country or state. This information is listed on every individual design listing on MyPropHub.

A qualified Architect, Building Designer or Draftsperson is only licensed within certain countries or states and can only produce approval drawings within this area.

If the designer you have chosen is not licensed in your local area, all you need to do is contact a local licensed Architect, Building Designer or Draftsperson and have them sign off on your plans once purchased (additional fees may apply).

We recommend you speak to your local government, regulatory authority and builder regarding your site constraints.

No refunds are provided for incorrect choice and MyPropHub takes no liability or guarantee for building approval for any design sold, due diligence is the buyers responsibility and liability to ensure designs comply with local council and regularity requirements prior to purchasing.


Please contact MyPropHub if you have any questions.

Q. What are the delivery times for drawing modifications and other drawing services?

will be completed within 4 business days following payment and the site survey provided to the designer on MyPropHub.

Delivery timelines for design modifications and other drawing sets are negotiated during the quoting process, a guide is below:

-    Minor Design changes = 2 business days following completion of working drawings
-    Moderate Design changes = 4 business days following completion of working drawings
-    Major Design changes = 7 business days following completion of working drawings

Q. What are the drawing standards on MyPropHub?

MyPropHub has set drawing standards to ensure the highest quality of drawings are maintained for purchasers. All designs, modifications and drawings services sold on MyPropHub undergo a stringent quality control check during the sale process. 

Designers may be asked at their own expense to add additional information or details to drawings if they do not comply with MyPropHub drawing standards. 

View MyPropHub Drawing Standards

Q. Is MyPropHub a secure platform?

Yes, MyPropHub is a secure, custom built platform and hosted in an ISO 27001 certified data centre facility, further supported by disaster recovery, managed services, clustered firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.


Your data is safe with us!